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Innovative Hermetic Packaging: Materion Nozzle Combo-Lids
Materion Microelectronics & Services offers the semiconductor industry innovative hermetic packaging.
Materion Provides Optimal Thin Film Uniformity
Materion produces the thinner deposited film layers required by reduction of feature size in many devices
Ancillary Services added to Precision Parts Cleaning
Materion offers a broad range of services and solutions beyond precision parts cleaning to include chemical cleaning expertise, precious metal recovery and other ancillary services.
IR coatings and applications
Questions regarding IR coating materials and applications in military applications
Reducing Nodules on Sputtering Targets
Materion solution to nodule formation in sputtering targets - reduce particulate contamination
Starter Sources Improve Yield Reduce Downtime
Materion supports industry demand for starter sources to replace traditional electron beam evaporation slugs.
Specialty Optical Thin Films to Support IR Applications
Materion is premier producer of high purity optical coating materials for IR applications
Window glass involves unique technology & glass properties
Energy efficiency and infrared (IR) coatings are some of the technology behind window glass
Honor Highlights Materions Focus on Materials Solutions
Read more about Materion being recognized for its focus on Materials Solutions
Materion Introduces ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings
Materion Introduces ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings that extend production time in oil wells
Materion Performance Materials is Ready for Whats Next in Electronics
Read more about Materion Performance Materials materials used for advanced and innovations in Electronics
Miniature Connectors
Read more about the innovative materials used in Miniature Connectors
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