Ensuring Industrial Growth and Innovation

Optimizing Applications With Advanced Materials

The industrial market is the cornerstone of global economies, driving progress and growth with an expansive list of sectors that include both heavy and light industries – manufacturing, mining, construction, textiles, food processing and much more.

Just as connectivity and digitization continue to reshape nearly every facet of our daily lives, these trends are transforming the global industrial market. Industry 4.0 is fueling efficiency improvements across many sectors, advancing infrastructure and technologies utilizing the internet of things, cloud technologies, AI, and even augmented reality to increase efficiency, capacity and end-product quality.

Materion engineers and scientists have addressed the needs of the industrial market for nearly 100 years. Our advanced materials have been used to make wear plates and equipment parts for manufacturing, bushings and bearings for construction equipment and plastic tooling molds. In addition, our portfolio includes analytical X-ray windows for quality control and inspection, and thin film materials for reliable process control instrumentation.


  Materion expert engineers and scientists are continually innovating to meet the needs of the Industrial market. As all its sectors align their implementation of new technologies and more efficient processes with environmental and sustainability initiatives, our engineers and materials experts are ready to continue the collaboration to provide advanced materials that meet emerging needs.

Advanced Materials Fueling Industrial Innovations

X-ray windows are used for industrial imaging in quality control and inspection. They are also used for security imaging in airports, ports and government structures to inspect for dangerous materials. Learn more about materials for X-ray windows.

Bushings and bearings made from Materion’s high strength ToughMet® alloys have been proven to outperform other materials, even under the harshest of conditions in construction, forestry, mining and manufacturing equipment. Get more information about ToughMet alloys.

Copper-based MoldMAX® alloys meet requirements for optimal hardness and thermal conductivity which decrease cycle times and improve productivity of plastics tooling and processing applications. Read more about MoldMAX alloys.

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