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Powering the Future through Semiconductors

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Semiconductors are pervasive in modern society. They enable advances in computing, transportation, energy, health care, communications, defense, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, among other vital applications. Semiconductor materials are key to fulfilling the world’s insatiable demand for smaller, faster, lower-cost and higher-performance solutions in both consumer and commercial markets.

The semiconductor industry itself has been a beacon of innovation from its inception. Rapid technological developments within the sector have resulted in exponentially more advanced and more affordable products that help define the way we live, work and play. Without semiconductors, 21st-century life would undoubtedly look very, very different.

Supporting Semiconductor through Materials Excellence

Leading chipmakers rely on Materion’s cutting-edge materials to design and manufacture increasingly powerful semiconductors. Our materials include precisely formulated alloys and high-purity metals that support microprocessors, memory systems, self-driving vehicle sensors, 5G wireless communication (and beyond), advanced logic microprocessors and high-performance memory. Materion’s products meet demanding requirements for quality, reliability, cleanliness and lower total cost of ownership.

Leading with customized products and services

High-performance alloys provide high electrical conductivity and stress relaxation resistance for high reliability connectors, springs and switches in personal computers and handheld electronics. Get additional information about copper beryllium alloys.

Products that facilitate optimal evaporative performance for PVD processes and include starter sources; slugs, pellets, disks and crucible liners; and inorganic chemicals. Learn more about evaporation materials

A comprehensive portfolio of sputtering targets covers more than 70% of the periodic table and can meet varying material, size, design and configuration requirements. Read more about sputtering targets.

High-specific modulus materials that are used in XY tables and other rapid-motion components in applications such as wire bonding and reticle inspection. Read more about metal matrix composites.

Solid precursor materials for atomic layer deposition used in advanced semiconductor applications. Find out more about ALD precursors

Thin film deposition processes with consumable products such as backing plates, crucible liners and target bonding epoxies. Read more about PVD consumables


Alumina ceramics are a cost-effective solution for semiconductor manufacturing applications requiring high thermal and dimensional stability and low thermal expansion within very tight tolerances. Learn more about alumina ceramics.

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