Moving Forward In Automotive

Driving Advancements in Automotive

The automotive market is changing rapidly to keep pace with consumer expectations for more sustainable and innovative vehicles that deliver the critical requirements of safety, efficiency, performance and connectivity. In the search for more sustainable options, the industry continues to advance the technologies for next-generation, low-emission internal combustion engines (ICE) as well as electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs/HEVs). In the search for innovative features, AI, sensor technology and 5G connectivity are making autonomous driving a reality.

Just as the automotive industry has broadened its focus from traditional ICE vehicles to EVs, HEVs, autonomous vehicles, and beyond, our focus has broadened as well. The vehicles of tomorrow will require more versatile and dynamic advanced materials that enable these next-generation systems. With our experience and technical expertise, we are uniquely positioned to meet those needs. 

Meeting Evolving Market Needs

Materion’s advanced materials enable safer, more energy efficient and more flexible transportation – wherever the destination.  From consumers’ demands for more electronic conveniences and enhanced interface with their vehicles to the continuing development of EVs, HEVs and more environmentally-friendly high-performance ICEs – we are on the leading edge of this rapidly evolving market, delivering materials solutions that address the challenges faced today and beyond by our customers in the automotive industry.

Providing solutions for Automotive Applications

High-reliability, light-weight and cost-effective precision optical filters and thin film coatings for technologies such as heads-up displays, projection optics, precision optical and night vision filters.  Learn more about display filters.

Durable copper-beryllium alloys for under-the-hood connectors for critical sensors, and control units that oversee everything from engine ignition to navigation systems, speed control, turn signals and emergency flashers. These alloys perform reliably even when subjected to a combination of high heat, pressure, moisture and vibration. Learn more about our portfolio of copper-beryllium alloys.

Customizable clad metals and inorganic chemicals that offer more design flexibility for safer, cooler, smaller battery packs and solid-state precursor materials that facilitate longer range and faster charging. Read more about Dovetail Clad® for battery connections and inorganic chemicals for batteries.

High-performance alloys and metal matrix composites can withstand increased pressure and heat in more fuel-efficient engines designed to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency – without sacrificing vehicle performance or reliability on the road. See more details about ToughMet® and PerforMet® alloys and SupremEX® metal matrix composites.

Stronger, stiffer, lighter structural metal matrix composites reduce overall vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency. Read more about our SupremEX® MMCs.

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