Delivering Solutions In Optical Components

We deliver value to customers with our comprehensive know-how in optical thin films, glass processing, photolithography and the production ranging from individual components up to optical subassemblies.

Our complete range of products and services cater to the precision optical industry and related fields in other application markets, including all required optical components and assemblies as well as engineering assistance. As a fast, flexible and reliable supplier, we can meet or even exceed demanding requirements for quality, performance and delivery schedules.

Our optical components are manufactured in clean-room environments with state-of-the-art vacuum evaporation equipment and advanced high-throughput sputter coating systems. A large variety of backend processes for patterning, shaping and dicing complement our manufacturing technology portfolio.


Reliability In Advanced Manufacturing

With extensive expertise in optical components, glass processing, and subassembly production, we are always striving to exceed expectations in quality, performance, and delivery schedules, utilizing advanced manufacturing facilities for superior results. Our optical solutions range from filters, mirrors, prisms, and micro-optics, to patterned and customized optical components.


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