Powering Advancement With Optical Subassemblies

Our broad and in-depth know-how of optical thin-film coating processes, complemented by sophisticated patterning, glass bonding and sealing, and further processing capabilities, uniquely positions us for the production of optical thin-film coated components at various levels to full optical subassemblies.

Our products are usually created using an effective combination of our core processes substrate machining, cleaning, coating, substrate processing as well as the arrangement to subassemblies. To make our customers’ application successful, further processes can be added, for example coating and substrate micro-patterning, sealing technologies, wafer dicing and laser marking. We also offer cost-effective packaging and handling solutions.

Our inspired scientists and engineers are highly motivated, pushing each process beyond the present limits to create precisely what is needed. Closely cooperating with you, our interdisciplinary teams design the optimum process and material combination to translate ideas into unique selling points for your application. After successful prototyping, the processes are handed over to our production teams, whose experience allows them to systematically scale them up to your desired volume.

Complexity Simplified
with Optical Subassemblies

Bedrock of Our Expertise

Our optical subassemblies can simplify your project by delivering multi-functional optical components. From regular optical assembly to opt-mechanical assembly, our extensive expertise in optical component manufacturing is the bedrock of our ability to solve your challenges with optical subassemblies in system-level applications.


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