Semiconductor production with robot arms and technical ceramics

Technical Ceramics

Superior levels of thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity, along with strength, reliability and weight savings deliver critical properties for medical equipment, defense applications, semiconductor manufacturing and more.


Our materials offer greater flexibility and more choices for optimizing new technologies in a range of markets. Learn more about our beryllium oxide ceramics, beryllium oxide powder and aluminum oxide ceramics by visiting the product pages listed below:


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Versatile Ceramics Solutions

Materion produces technical ceramics that achieve superior levels of thermal management, product strength, reliability, miniaturization and weight savings. Our beryllium oxide (BeO) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) ceramic materials are ideal for many applications in the defense, energy, semiconductor and telecommunications markets.


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Featured Market: Semiconductor

Materion engineers and scientists are continually innovating materials solutions such as technical ceramics to meet the needs of the semiconductor market, providing precision components and specialized materials suited for a variety of applications. 

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