Webb telescope beryllium mirrors fully deployed in space

Beryllium Products

Light-weight, high-stiffness and low-density properties offer unrivaled performance and reliability in extreme temperatures and operating environments in aerospace and defense, medical, nuclear energy and space applications.


Stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum, beryllium offers excellent stiffness, thermal stability and conductivity, high neutron reflectivity and transparency to X-rays. Click on the links below to access details about the capabilities of our beryllium products:


Early image from James Webb Space Telescope Beryllium Mirrors

Enabling Technologies that enhance our lives

For decades, Materion's beryllium products have enabled remarkable technological advancements in a wide range of industries and applications. From connectors that improve the safety of our automobiles to X-ray windows that enhance the clarity of medical images and telescopes that reveal the farthest reaches of our universe, beryllium products have played a critical role.

As a leading global supplier of beryllium products, we work closely with our customers to explore the ways that beryllium can enhance our lives   –   and even take seemingly impossible designs from concept to completion. 


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Featured Market: Space

Our beryllium products have helped advance space programs since the launch of the first Mercury spacecraft. We are proud to continue building on our legacy in space and to provide materials solutions to ensure future missions achieve goals that once seemed out of reach. 


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