Intertwined strips of copper and other clad metals

Clad Metals

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Components used in automotive electronics, electric vehicle batteries, medical devices and electrical connector applications often require properties that cannot be delivered by just one metal. Materion’s clad products join dissimilar metals, creating and optimizing unique property sets.

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Our team is committed to innovation and continues to expand our cladding technologies to bring new products to our customers. We design materials, fabricate prototypes and prepare samples quickly while maintaining focus on quality and application performance.

Current clad metals capabilities include continuous profiled strip, electron beam welding, electron beam zone annealing, reel-to-reel electroplating and specialty cladding. While we can develop customized solutions for specific applications, some of our most popular clad products include:

Back half of a black EV car

Featured Market: Automotive

Our sophisticated clad metals are engineered to solve tough challenges in automotive design. Materion's clad materials are used in critical safety, fuel efficiency, performance and connectivity applications for the automotive market.

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