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Keeping the World Connected with Consumer Electronics

Pushing the limits for innovation

As the world becomes more connected – with more devices and more ways to connect – design engineers need materials that can push end-product quality and performance limits. The increasing popularity of wearable devices such as earbuds, smartwatches and smart glasses as well as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented and virtual reality ensures that the role of electronic devices in our everyday lives will continue to grow. The consumer electronics market will respond with new products and services.

Materion’s advanced materials help electronics designers push the limits of their applications and raise the bar on end-product quality and performance.

Looking Ahead to Emerging Needs 

Our materials are engineered to ensure next-generation electronic devices can meet consumers’ growing list of expectations for smaller, thinner, lighter devices that offer more capacity, personalization and more innovative capabilities. We are constantly looking ahead to align our product and service portfolios with the latest market and technology trends, so that we are able to provide our customers with an even broader scope of solutions as new technologies are developed.


Staying connected with advanced materials 

Clad metals, including eStainless® materials, serve dual purposes in end-use applications, providing heat spreading functionality and device structure. By using one material that can accomplish both functions, designs can be smaller and save on the cost of materials and additional parts. Read more about clad metals.

Our copper-nickel-tin strip alloys, BrushForm® 158 (BF158), provide optimal strength in thin foil gauges. The material is engineered to provide optimal formability and increased strength requirements for voice coil motor and optical image stabilizing applications in smartphones and electromagnetic shielding gaskets in electronic devices. The materials are RoHS compliant and infinitely recyclable. Learn more about BF 158.

Inorganic phosphor precursor materials deliver the full spectrum of visible light to LED lamps for richer colors and more luminous displays on electronic devices.  

Optical filters for gesture control applications such as television and computer interfaces, advertising and display systems, automobile cabin controls, 3D printing, iris detection and gaming and gesture control. Learn more about optical filters.

To ensure optimal performance for radio frequency filters and amplifiers that enable wireless communications, our precious and non-precious metals are of superior quality, purity and strength. 

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