Specialty Optical Thin Films to Support IR Applications


Supporting IR Applications - Materion Optical Thin Film Materials

Infrared (IR) applications requiring optical coatings are used by a range of industries from commercial, aerospace, military to medical. Materion is a premier producer of high purity optical coating materials and features a complete line of evaporation materials to support simple or complex IR applications.  We offer a variety of granule sizes suitable for electron beam, as well as resistive-heated evaporation processes for thin film coatings.

The chemistries of our materials are verified at key points in our production processes utilizing our in-house laboratory to ensure consistent, repeatable quality. All Materion products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities and characterized in ISO-17025 certified analytical laboratories.  We also deposit and test thin films of these materials in real world applications to ensure high quality products that are able to support the most demanding application requirements for excellent durability and environmental stability.

By combining our capabilities in wet chemical synthesis and vacuum melting, Materion is able to create a variety of fluoride and sulfide compounds.  These compounds are used to fabricate materials suitable for devices operating at assorted infrared wavelengths. Thin films from materials such as ZnS, ThF4, MgF2 and YF3 are used to support the aerospace, military and avionics industry. If existing material compositions cannot provide the necessary characteristics you need, our experts are ready to help identify new solutions that can optimize your IR optical coating process.

In a field where it is challenging to manufacture reliable specialty optical thin film materials, Materion continues to produce the highest quality, most dependable products available.  

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