Partnering with you on Product Development

We partner with customers for the development and production of coated optical components at every stage in the production process all the way to subassemblies. More than that, we have larger development projects in place with customer collaborations to help them win in the marketplace.

Our marketing, engineering and R&D teams are committed to our tradition of collaboration to deliver innovative contributions and solutions for nearly any market. Combined with materials knowledge, these teams believe there are unlimited applications that this combination can deliver when engaged with customers on what they would like to achieve.

Our range of application is diverse, and our illustrations offer an insight into the world of optical components and our day-to-day business. Our broad expertise in various fields of applications facilitates technology transfer so we are able to constantly develop new, customized products through customer collaboration.

We Develop Best Together

Let Our Engineers Partner With You

Whether its product development, project management or volume production that you need, we are uniquely suited to do our best work where we do it best - collaborating with you. With innovation centers globally and relationships with scientific institutions and education institutions, our engineers have everything they need to partner with you.


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