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Innovating through Leading-edge research and development

Materion brings innovations to market through our active research and development programs. With a top team of engineers, scientists and technicians, we are able to develop new product compositions, designs and processes. We harness our advanced materials expertise to enable our customers' breakthrough solutions.


Materion additive manufacturing lab


Additive Manufacturing

  • Developing flexible, efficient and safe processes for manufacturing complex 3D structures from unique materials that will enable current and emerging technologies.

A strip of copper clad material with inlay


Clad and EB Welded Materials

  • Innovative clad metal and EB welded solutions and services, including design support, prototype volumes and customized solutions.

Electronic Materials Research and Development

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to meet the accelerated pace of technical innovation, our vertical integration provides a full range of leading-edge capabilities including advanced research and development services for Microelectronic Packaging, Precious Metal Refining and Thin Film Deposition Materials.

James Webb Telescope mirrors


Performance Materials Research and Development

  • Engineering new high-performance alloys, metal matrix composites and technical ceramics as well as improved processes and innovative production techniques.

Braze Solder Alloys

Solder Assembly for Hermetic Applications

  • Our extensive electronic materials knowledge and manufacturing expertise enable us to offer a full line of complete turnkey solder assembly services for hermetic applications in electronics, including package design, prototypes, testing and production, while applying our extensive knowledge of solder sealing systems and assembly methods to offer expert guidance on design and manufacturing considerations.

PARTNERING WITH CUSTOMERS TO provide unrivaled problem-solving solutions

Materion employee with safety glasses and pocket protector


Materion serves leading-edge, high-growth global markets. Our team of experts is continually seeking to align our product and service portfolios with the latest market and technology trends.

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