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At Materion, we are dedicated to providing advanced materials solutions that enable our customers' technologies and long-term success. We serve a diverse set of markets, including semiconductor, automotive, industrial, energy, aerospace and defense, and consumer electronics.

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Aerospace and Defense
Facing high temperatures, friction and vibration, aerospace applications need to withstand extreme elements. Materion optimizes aerospace performance with product solutions that meet the demands of a challenging industry with specialty alloys and lightweight materials that reduce the weight of components.
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Materion enables safer, more customized and energy-efficient transportation, whatever the destination. From consumers' demands for more electronic convenience and enhanced interface with their vehicles to the continuing development of hybrid and electric vehicles and the need for greater automobile efficiency and performance - we are on the leading edge of this rapidly evolving market.
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Consumer Electronics
By developing advanced materials such as ultra-thin foil gauge alloys that improve smartphone camera performance or gesture control optical filters for gaming devices, Materion enables designers in the consumer electronics industry to think bigger, delivering breakthroughs in portability, durability and functionality.
Solar panels
To help our customers develop more energy options that lower costs and generate power more efficiently, the engineers, scientists and metallurgists at Materion develop cutting-edge materials solutions. With products such as high-performance alloys, photovoltaic materials and other composite materials technologies, our products are ready for the challenges of the constantly evolving energy market.
Industrial fitting
After more than 70 years serving the industrial market, we understand its need for stronger, more durable product solutions. Our materials are used in diverse industrial applications, optimizing performance and improving profitability – from heavy equipment bearings to analytical x-ray equipment.
Semiconductor chip
Materion is dedicated to the semiconductor industry's demand for high-reliability sputtering targets, evaporation materials and microelectronic packaging, and we are committed to our customers' need for consistency and responsiveness. We are investing in our facilities and updating our clean rooms to meet the semiconductor fabrication facility condition requirements.
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Telecom and Data Center
As the world's leading manufacturer of engineered, specialty strip metal solutions and copper-beryllium rod and wire products, we offer the widest range of reel-to-reel and screw machinable materials for a variety of high-performance connectors for 5G and big data applications.
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