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Reliability in Telecom And Big Data

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As consumers and businesses rely on faster, high-performing connectivity that is available in any location and at any time, telecom equipment components must be made of highly-reliable materials. 

While 5G delivered a new standard in connectivity, telecommunications companies are already working on 6G (and beyond) to deliver even faster broadband cellular service and more diversity in the types of applications it can support, including generative AI.

Whether companies are focused on meeting connectivity needs via satellite, undersea cabling systems, power amplifiers or large or small towers, Materion is poised to meet demands for advanced materials that support next-generation telecommunications technologies for faster, more reliable connections.

High-Reliability Telecom Products

We offer a portfolio of high-reliability products that are used in nearly all facets of the telecom industry, and as these technologies evolve, we will continue to pioneer materials solutions to meet new application needs.

Improving connectivity with advanced materials

Copper-beryllium (CuBe) alloys provide high strength, conductivity and corrosion resistance with good machinability for a range of telecom applications - including  wireless antenna, towers, 5G connectors in base stations and data centers, and test sockets and probe pins for semiconductor testing. They are also used for undersea telecommunications components such as optical amplifiers, power sources, magnetometers, hydrophones and other high-reliability systems. Learn more about CuBe alloys with the highest conductivity or those with the highest strength.

Filter materials deliver reliability, durability, thermal management, high power transmission and magnetic isolation for coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM), multiplexers / demultiplexers, optical add-drop multiplexers (OADM), optical amplifiers/erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and triplexers (voice, data, video).  

Packaging materials include hermetic lids, ceramic packages, preform and braze and solder alloys for radio frequency (RF) transistors that provide superior protection from oxygen and water vapor. Learn more about micorelectronic packaging materials.


PVD materials ensure uniformity, reproducibility and purity for RF filters required for development of wireless infrastructure such as media, satellite and data centers and components - including aluminum scandium alloy sputtering targets, gold alloy sputtering targets and tungsten, molybdenum, ruthenium and specialty alloy target materials. Read more about our PVD thin film deposition options.

For optimal adhesion, our preforms are made of ultra-clean alloys, including gold alloys, that are engineered for superior thermal and electrical conductivity to increase package reliability and signal integrity. Preforms are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Learn more about solder preforms.

Highly engineered beryllium oxide (BeO) and alumina ceramics offer superior product strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings and thermal conductivity for power electronics substrates. Read more about technical ceramics products.

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