Innovative Hermetic Packaging: Materion Nozzle Combo-Lids


Materion Nozzle Combo-Lids™ Covers: Novel Packaging Technology

A constant challenge in the semiconductor industry is hermetic packaging.  Following is an explanation of the importance of such packaging and how Materion has addressed this need for the sensor industry.

Why is hermetic packaging needed?

Every semiconductor chip that is fabricated should be properly packaged for long durability and performance.  Sensor chips particularly need to be shielded from particles, gases and vapors that would interfere with the intended measurement. Therefore, proper hermetic packaging is essential to protect the device from contamination and increase reliability and ensure performance.

What are the design constraints?

End users generally face the question as to the correct sealing material (e.g., solder, braze or epoxy)  and appropriate design of covers for specific applications. Materion’s expertise can assist customers in choosing the right sealant material and design of covers. Materion has changed the trend from using flat combo lid covered products to using various sized and shaped products customized for specific users.

The Nozzle Combo-Lid™ is one of the designs that Materion has developed to support the sensor industry. (Plus other patented lids such as our Epo-Lids™, Visi-Lids™, Seam Seal-Lids™, and Micro-Lids™). The industry tends to use duel or multiple components joined to produce a product.  Materion’s innovative design differs, in that it combines various sections of a design into a complete single component.  The diagram following illustrates the nozzle lid.


What are the applications?

There are various applications in the sensor or MEMS industry that could benefit from employing hermetic nozzle lids.  These nozzle lids could be used in packages to house:

    • Gas pressure sensors
    • Gas composition sensors

The output of such sensors can be used to provide feedback in a control circuit. The hermetic seal between the rim of the lid and the package ensures that only the desired input originating from the end of the nozzle is sensed by the chip inside the package.

How can Materion help?

We offer customers hermetic designs for similar applications or the expertise to apply our technology toward a new application.  If you have questions about our Nozzle Combo-Lids or about a custom lid for your application, please contact our technical expert Ramesh K.,

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