Pushing the Boundaries of Clean Energy

Offshore hydrogen production

Fueling Today and Powering a Cleaner Tomorrow

It takes cutting-edge design to develop more efficient, effective production technologies to meet the world’s growing demands for clean energy. Environmental concerns are fast-tracking the search for new ways to generate, store and deliver cleaner energy options, putting more focus on decarbonization and renewables.

The range of energy alternatives being explored includes transition technologies for more sustainable oil and gas recovery, green hydrogen production and storage, portable molten salt nuclear microreactors, climate-neutral synthetic fuels, and wind and solar power sources. 

As the search accelerates for viable cleaner energy solutions, our portfolio of products offers a wide range of high-performance advanced materials that can meet the requirements of cutting-edge applications.

Exploring Clean Energy Solutions

As the energy industry moves more quickly to reduce emissions and produce more efficient, sustainable fuels and power sources, our engineers and materials experts will continue to work with our energy customers to advance their search for viable clean energy technologies and help them move from design to testing and full operation.

new technologies enabled by advanced materials

Clad metals, including Dovetail Clad® material, are ideal for withstanding rigorous operating conditions in stationary fuel cells used as back-up power systems in remote locations, producing clean, efficient and reliable electric power. Learn more about Dovetail Clad.

Beryllium metal, beryllium oxide (BeO) powder, niobium and tantalum, and fluoride salt chemistries have been proven in nuclear applications, enabling the development of emerging nuclear technologies that are safer and more reliable. Learn more about beryllium, BeO powder, and flouride salt chemistries.

High-performance Alloy 25 and ToughMet® copper-nickel-tin alloys meet the rigorous demands for reliability in onshore and offshore exploration, drilling, completion and production equipment. These materials deliver excellent quality, durability and unique property combinations as the industry transitions to lower emissions fuel recovery and storage methods. Learn more about Alloy 25 and ToughMet alloys.

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