Ancillary Services added to Precision Parts Cleaning


Materion Raises the Bar on Precision Parts Cleaning

Materion is already known as an industry leader for its novel cleaning methods and surface deposition for thin film equipment and parts applications. However, in addition to these core services, we offer a range of ancillary services to supplement our parts cleaning and provide our customers a lower cost of ownership model, longer effective part life and high precious metal recovery rates.

Materion utilizes novel parts cleaning techniques to successfully clean complex and challenging deposition materials from a variety of substrate materials ranging from metals, ceramics, quartz, graphite, carbon  fiber and plastics. Our state-of-the-art facilities employ the latest advancements in the cleaning industry and are conveniently located on both US coasts and Europe.

One of our innovative technologies is the utilization of internally developed chemical processes for deposition layer removal. Our unique chemical recipes have been developed for particular market deposition materials and also to meet individual requirements. The big advantage to our customers is that these new cleaning chemistries are more effective at recovering precious metals and maintaining competitive lead times. This eliminates the need for physical cleaning steps and ultimately reduces part wear and increases cost effectiveness.

Among other value-added services, Materion offers disposable parts management including sourcing, stocking, parts repair and final precious metal refine and recovery.  We can conduct part surface analysis and fit-for-use validations to check surface roughness, flatness, and dimensional tolerance as necessary. We can also provide sub-assembly, dis-assembly and re-assembly services per customer specifications.

For customers who require part-optimization support to maximize their tool up-time product yields, we provide part surface reconditioning, surface coatings, or custom texturizing. Our state-of-the-art Automated Arc Spray can effectively spray the most complex parts to meet the most stringent thickness and roughness specifications.

To meet on-site support needs, Materion’s team of experts offers assistance that ranges from Kit Management, Cost Reduction Project Management, to Factory Audits – that recommend “best-in-class” practices for precious metal recovery and management.

Overall, our dedicated research staff is driven to support your individual development needs, whatever your analytical or engineering requirements. For more information, please contact Matthew Waz, Director, Precision Parts Cleaning at

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