Precision Optics

Materion delivers next-generation optics solutions that enable virtual/augmented reality, sensing technologies that make autonomous driving possible, and optical technology that enables adaptive cruise control, heads-up display, and intelligent headlights to name a few.

Global Leader in Photonics

Materion is a globally recognized leader in customized optical thin-film coatings and components for the photonics industry. Our Precision Optics business delivers optical thin-film coatings that enable advances in automotive, consumer, defense, industry, life science, semiconductors and space products. We provide the world’s most extensive offering of precision optical components, optical thin-film coatings, and optical assemblies.

We also provide the comprehensive engineering expertise using innovative process technologies ranging from custom manufacture and supply to a broad array of products from UV through Far IR. Many of our individual product lines serve diverse markets and enable a number of different technologies and applications.

Harnessing the Light Spectrum

Cutting edge optical components with high precision that manages the spectrum of light through processes like filtering, reflecting, focusing and polarizing.

Optical Components

Transmitting and Reflecting Light

Manufacturing high-quality optical coatings requires sophisticated process technology combined with in-depth process know-how.  

Optical Coatings

Simplifying Optical Subassemblies

We collaborate with our customers and partners to make optical subassemblies easy for them in system-level applications.

Optical Subassemblies

Advanced Coatings Deliver More

Our CoatingPlus technology delivers additional process steps to maximize functionality and performance in certain applications.


Partnering to Empower Innovation

In addition to our own engineers, our partnerships with scientific institutes and leading universities uniquely position us to partner with customers to develop ideas when they are still only ideas.

Development Partners
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