High-Conductivity Qmet Strip Alloy


From electric vehicles to consumer electronics, our QMet® alloy offers a unique combination of high conductivity, strength and formability to advance our customers' current and emerging technologies QMet alloy enables new designs that were previously unachievable.

QMet 300 alloy, a copper-chromium-silver material, has shown conductivity greater than all other alloys of similar strength, with sharp formability and stress relaxation resistance comparable to that of copper beryllium. For design engineers, the extra conductivity will allow them to create high current and high heat transfer components for smaller spaces than ever before.

Download the QMet 300 alloy data sheet for more information.

QMet alloy provide benefits that maxed-out commodity alloys cannot. We are exploring new ways to build on these innovations to address our customers' current needs and anticipate future requirements.


  • High strength & conductivity
  • Improved formability
  • Stress relaxation resistance 


  • Automotive wire harness terminals & high voltage connectors
  • EV charging contacts
  • Appliance power contacts
  • Computer power contacts
  • Photovoltaic system connectors
Talk with our engineers about incorporating QMet strip into your design today.
Technical Details
QMet 300 HT Strip Properties
Yield Strength: 536 MPa
Electrical Conductivity: 81% IACS
Thermal Conductivity*: 341 W/m K
Tensile Elongation in 50 mm: 9%
Elastic Modulus: 137 - 152 GPa
Longitudinal Formability: 0.2 MBR/t
Transverse Formability: 0.2 MBR
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