Brushform 158 Copper-Nickel-Tin Foil Gauge Alloys


As the consumer electronics industry designs smaller, lighter devices to perform better with constantly increasing capabilities, the materials used to make electronic connectors, switches and sensors should enable and enhance these products. At Materion, we're focused on staying ahead of the industry's needs, and our high-performance BrushForm® 158 (BF 158) strip alloys are engineered specifically to meet the requirements of next-generation devices.

Our spinodally-hardened copper-nickel-tin strip alloys provide optimal strength in foil gauges, making them ideal for use in devices such as smartphones, tablets and cameras. They offer higher strength than other copper alloys, but do not contain beryllium, so they can be used when beryllium-free alloys are desired. The materials are RoHS compliant and infinitely recyclable.

BF 158 alloys are available in both pre-heat treated (mill hardened) and heat treatable (age hardenable) strip forms.

BF 158 strip is engineered to provide optimal formability and increased strength requirements for voice coil motor and optical image stabilizing applications in smartphones and electromagnetic shielding gaskets in electronic devices. BF 158 strip offers substantially higher strength in foil gauges as thin as 0.001” (0.025 mm) for greater design flexibility.

These alloys are available in multiple tempers to meet different application requirements. Our newest tempers, TM18 and TM19, can be used as titanium replacements.

BrushForm alloys outperform copper-beryllium and copper-titanium in applications with high strength/high temperature requirements, and they have good corrosion resistance, which is important for water-resistant devices.

Our copper-nickel-tin strip is specified to UNS C72900, ASTM B 740.


  • High strength
  • Excellent flatness & stiffness
  • Optimal photochemical machinability
  • Increased fatigue life
  • High resistance to vibration, corrosion, drop testing & impact loading


  • Optical image stabilizing applications
  • Voice coil motors
  • Connectors, switches & sensors
  • Electromagnetic shielding gaskets
Talk with our engineers about incorporating beryllium-free BF 158 copper-nickel-tin foil strip into your design today.
Technical Details
BF 158 Tempers Tensile Strength
TM10 : 1205-1450 Mpa
TM16: 1400-1510 Mpa
TM18 : 1400 Mpa (typical)
TM19 : 1416 Mpa (typical)
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