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Download the Guide to Designing Reliable Connectors

Materion engineers have developed a 300-page guide that covers connector design from material selection through production. The guide will help you create reliable connectors for your application, whether it's for automotive or consumer electronics, industrial, medical or other challenging end-use product.  

Download this guide for in-depth information, including:
  • Considerations for various connector applications
  • Design and modeling, including common challenges and how to mitigate them
  • Analysis and testing of connectors 
  • Trends affecting a range of connector markets
  • Production, including prototyping and verification 
  • Standards and specifications 
In this guide, our engineers begin with the connector basics before taking a deep dive into the complete design process. If you have questions about connectors, this guide has answers.

Preview the guide to see the table of contents and type of information that is included. 

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