Optical Coating Materials

Materion is an industry leader in high-quality specialty optical coating materials for the optics industry, including defense, aerospace, ophthalmics, laser optics, communications, sensing, and medical applications.

To support the fabrication of optical components in wavelengths from ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (IR), we offer evaporation materials and sputtering targets for optical coatings that cover more than 70% of the periodic table, including fluorides, oxides, and precious and non-precious metals.


Our fluorides and oxides are available in a variety of purities and forms, including granules, pellets, and powders. This allows us to partner closely with our customers to develop custom compositions and meet challenging design criteria. In addition to our optical coating materials, we are also a leading supplier of sputtering targets for optical coatings, including Tantalum (Ta), Silicon (Si), Hafnium (Hf), and Niobium (Nb) targets and Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag) products and services for high reflectors and contacts.



Magnesium Fluoride, MgF2

Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3

Thorium Fluoride, ThF4

Hafnium Oxide, HfO2

Ytterbium Fluoride, YbF3

Indium Tin Oxide, ITO

Yttrium Fluoride, YF3

Tantalum Oxide, Ta2O5

Lanthanum Fluoride, LaF3  

Titanium Oxide, TiO2

Lithium Fluoride, LiF

Silicon Dioxide, SiO2

Sodium Aluminum Fluoride, Cryolite, Na3AIF6


Neodymium Fluoride, NdF3

Precious Metals

Gadolinium Fluoride, GdF3

Non-Precious Metals

*For a complete list of Materion's optical coating materials, visit our inorganic chemicals catalog.


We offer a range of manufacturing capabilities supported by a team of experienced chemists, engineers, and product specialists, including:

  • In-house analytical testing in ISO-17025-accredited laboratories
  • Custom material compositions
  • Custom particle size, purity, and packaging
  • Air- and moisture-sensitive material manufacturing and processing


  • Nearly 60 years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying inorganic chemicals
  • A dedicated team of chemists, engineers, and product specialists
  • The ability to scale processes from R&D samples to full production capacities


  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Ophthalmics
  • Laser Optics
  • Communications
  • Sensing
  • Medical Applications
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