Molten Salt Reactor Materials


Leveraging decades of experience supplying inorganic chemicals to a broad range of markets and applications, we have expanded our capabilities to meet the needs of advanced nuclear technologies. Through the development of fluoride chemistry materials for molten salt reactors, we partnered with industry leaders to enable the acceleration of safer nuclear power plants, helping address the world's increased attention and need for non-fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Our molten salt reactor materials are available in binary, ternary, and quaternary fluoride salt chemistries.

Binary Fluoride Salt Chemistry

  • Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2): 99.9% pure granule products
  • Lithium Fluoride (LiF): 99.9% and 99.99% pure powder and granule products
  • Potassium Fluoride (KF): 99.9% pure, powder and granule products
  • Sodium Fluoride (NaF): 99.9% pure, powder and granule products
  • Thorium Fluoride (ThF4): 99.99% pure powder and granule products

Ternary Fluoride Salt Chemistry

  • FLiBe: 99.9% pure granule products
  • NaKF: 99.9% pure granule products

Quaternary Fluoride Salt Chemistry

  • FLiNaK: 99.9% pure granule products


Our materials experts and chemists work closely with customers to develop custom solutions to improve product performance. With vertically integrated materials capabilities, we are equipped to ensure the highest quality materials, from raw materials to production, processing, and purification.

Our fluoride synthesis and post-processing capabilities include:

  • Wet chemical precipitation
  • Solid state conversion
  • Vacuum melting
  • Particle size classification
  • Custom blending


  • Nearly 60 years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying inorganic chemicals
  • In-house analytical testing in ISO-17025-accredited laboratories
  • Vertical integration to allow for the highest level of production control
  • Material customization to meet unique and specific customer requirements
  • Air- and moisture-sensitive material manufacturing and processing
  • A dedicated team of chemists, engineers, and product specialists


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