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Visi-Lids LED

By: Simon Osborne, Global Marketing Manager, Electronic Materials

Materion Electronic Materials, an industry leader in high-reliability lid covers for hermetic applications and microelectronic packaging, has provided a customized protective solution to a long-standing problem for companies that use or produce delicate photonic devices: how to protect them from exposure to harsh environmental elements without compromising the devices’ function.

Photodiodes, LEDs and laser diodes are highly sensitive components that are vulnerable to ingress by moisture, dust, and other contaminants. As demand continues to grow for hermetically sealed photonic devices, Materion has designed Visi-Lid™ covers fully assembled, ultra-adaptable hermetic lids that protect photonics devices while still permitting sensor access to the desired wavelengths, such as ultraviolet, visible or infrared.

Providing Effective Light Protection 

Visi-Lid™ covers combine custom glass windows (including germanium, sapphire, silicon and others), highly durable anti-reflective coatings, and a hermetic seal surface to provide seamless data transmission.

Visi-Lid Diagram

Figures 1 & 2. Visi-Lid covers attachment diagrams for direct attach and seam or laser seal

Visi-Lid™ covers feature a gold-plated Kovar ring frame that can easily be soldered or seam-sealed onto metal or ceramic packages, a benefit that simplifies assembly while lowering costs for customers. Materion also provides plated Kovar Rings to attach to ceramic packages. Additionally, Materion offers a range of solder alloys with eutectic & non-eutectic reflow temperatures which can be used in joint applications to overcome differences in material sensitivity requirements.

A Partner to Lean On

Materion utilizes in-house capabilities including COVERexpress™, etching processes, and various plating options to develop and manufacture high-quality Visi-Lid™ covers. Materion also provides engineering support for the custom packaging, from the initial design process, sampling, and testing through the final assembly.

Materion prides itself on providing premium quality Electronic Materials for high-reliability and best-cost solutions for the photonics industry. The company’s high level of technical expertise, dedicated staff, expansive manufacturing capacities, and research and development successes translate into a unique ability to satisfy customers’ needs, saving them time, money and resources.
To learn more, reach out to our Electronic Materials team to help provide the solution you need by contacting us here. 


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