Microelectronic Packaging Design Services

Materion is the leading supplier of cover lids for hermetic packaging in high-reliability applications within the semiconductor, hybrid, MEMS, medical, optical device and other industries. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations tightly control quality throughout the entire production process, including refining, casting, rolling, plating, stamping, welding and high-volume production.


Materion’s design services help our customers ensure optimal performance and reliability of their products with our extensive cover lid design services:

  • High-reliability lids for hermetic sealing and protection of delicate electronics
  • Choice of optimal materials from precious metal to epoxy-coated ceramics
  • Ultra-clean braze alloys for joints with high integrity and strength
  • Ceramic packages for very low thermal resistance and RF loss
  • Choice of designs and sizes customized for specific applications


We combine industry-leading technology and service to deliver optimal package performance for ultimate hermeticity, quality and reliability – all critical requirements for the successful operation of any electronic device. Our solder assembly services include package design, prototypes, testing and mass production. Working closely with our customers, we create new material solutions, providing value to our customers by offering:

  • Turnkey soldering and assembly services
  • Guidance on design and manufacturing considerations
  • Custom microelectronic and optoelectronic packaging for hermetic applications

With a qualified team and a passion for providing customers with unmatched products, services and support, we offer specialized services to help you stay ahead of the latest market and technology trends.

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Our exclusive sample service is beneficial for customers who require smaller production quantities for R&D projects, as well as a shorter delivery time for product feasibility studies. COVERexpress eliminates the requirement to fabricate hard tools. Instead, it uses a soft tool constructed to quickly produce complex designs or micro-sized products.


With constantly evolving technology, engineers need to keep their material supply on pace with innovation. If you need durable and reliable packaging materials quickly, Materion can produce Combo-Lid™ covers, lids, and solder preforms in a shorter lead time through our expedited COVERexpress™ service. Faster delivery can accelerate projects and decrease commercialization time to market.


  • Etch Lid™ covers for seam sealing
  • Visi-Lid™ covers with Anti-Reflective (AR) coated widows for optical devices
  • Non-magnetic lids for magnetic sensitive devices
  • Palladium-plated Combo-Lids covers
  • Low-temperature Combo-Lids covers
  • Selective plated Combo-Lids covers
  • Tack welding of solders onto lids or flanges
  • Getter attachment onto lids to contain outgassing
  • Complex shapes of AuSn and soft solder preforms
  • Micro-sized AuSn preforms, strips and preforms
  • Low-melting-temperature preforms and soft solders
  • Tooled for over 10,000 preforms in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Ultra-pure materials with highly effective seal rings for excellent soldering performance
  • Gold-tin alloys form hermetic seals without any flux
  • Non-precious and lead-free solders available
  • Edge metallization on ceramic lids provides uniform fillet formation
  • Preform tack welding for both metal and ceramic products
  • Customizable lid designs manufactured to your requirements
  • Applications engineers offer product development and troubleshooting assistance
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Services that meet customer requirements

We are committed to delivering innovative engineering and design services to ensure the reliability of our products. Our team of engineers can help determine the optimal material and design to enhance customers’ applications. Contact us to learn how we can help with your next project.

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