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Explore new horizons with a trusted partner in advanced materials

With decades of industry leadership, our engineers, chemists and scientists stay at the forefront of technologies to deliver you a future-focused solution that fuels performance. As your industry partner, we deliver results through comprehensive support, including:

Materials Science
For nearly 100 years, Materion has pioneered the field of material science through robust research and development programs. To serve our cutting-edge, high-growth markets, we invest heavily in bringing together the top engineers, scientists, metallurgists, and advanced materials experts to solve the toughest challenges.
Product Design
Materion's innovative products are engineered to meet the most challenging requirements from tiny game-changing technology in semiconductor chips to the harshest conditions in outer space. You likely interact with our product designs multiple times per day in automotive, energy, industrial and consumer electronics markets.
Long-term Projects
Directed by experts from conception to execution and maintenance, our solutions are backed by a storied history of successful long-term projects. Materion scientists and engineers are equipped with the product expertise to solve every challenge and command every solution.
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