Materion ProIR Filters Allow Rapid R and D Prototyping


Materion Pro-IRTM Filters Allow Rapid R&D Prototyping

In Stock Filters Offer Superior Spectral Performance

Materion Precision Optics, a Materion Corporation (NYSE:MTRN) business, is announcing a new line of ProIRTM filters which will be offered in a range of wavelengths to meet individual customer needs. There is a growing demand in the infrared sensing market to quickly turn-around state-of-the-art high performance prototypes at low cost and to ensure a timely product launch. Because ProIR filters are available “off-the-shelf,” they are a cost-effective means to faster prototyping for existing and emerging applications.

Available in Range of Wavelengths

Customers will now have the option to select from in-stock ProIR filters in a broad range of wavelengths from the mid-wave through long-wave IR, as seen in the table below. These filters deliver superior coating durability and spectral performance when coupled to a detector. As another available option, if the customer’s requirements cannot be met using stock materials, Materion can also produce customized design solutions.

ProIR™ In Stock
MidWave – LongWave

Gas to be Detected   CWL
Hydrocarbon Detection 3.33 um 
CO2 4.26 um 
CO 4.60 um
NO 5.3 um
Motion/Thermal 8 - 14um WB
Atmospheric 3-5 um WB
Reference 3.08um

* Customized design options available

Industry-Leading Advantages

Materion Precision Optics has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing complex optical filters from the UV to far IR. ProIR filters provide a exceptional durability and spectral performance while ensuring maximum system performance. With the booming growth of applications that require sensors in everything from consumer electronics, automotive sensing, gas detection and smart homes, it is of the utmost importance Materion is able to execute rapid prototypes at low cost. ProIR filters offer that advantage.

For assistance in choosing the appropriate ProIR filter for your application, please contact Bill Christopoulos, Director of Commercial Business, by email or phone 978.392.4129.

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