Precision Optics

ArrayTec Filter Arrays Introduced
Materion Precision Optics expands filter array options with new family of technology designs.
Laser Cinema TV Systems
Read how Materion Precision Optics products are enabling New-to-Market Laser Cinema TV Systems
In the Satellite Market Its a Small World After All
Until fairly recently, the satellite market for Materion's multispectral filter arrays consisted almost entirely of large government-sponsored programs, but not anymore.
Materion Enables Scientific Research of Total Solar Eclipse
Specialized filters from Materion Precision Optics in place on a large number of satellites and observatory telescopes will play an essential role in the collection of scientific data only available during total eclipses.
Precision Optics Gets Massachusetts Training Grant
Read more about h ow Materion Precision Optics received a Massachusetts Training Grant
Materion ProIR Filters Allow Rapid R and D Prototyping
Materion ProIR Filters Allow Rapid R and D Prototyping
Materions Products Are Truly out of This World
Learn how our precision optics helped aid the successful Gaia satellite mission by providing coatings for the optical payloads of the RVS and photometers.
New Polarized Dichroic Filter
Read more about the innovative Polarized Dichroic Filter from Materion that advances projection display technology
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