Precision Optics Gets Massachusetts Training Grant


Materion Precision Optics to Receive Massachusetts Training Grant

Workforce Training Fund awards $8.2M across the state to train more than 5,000 employees.

Materion Precision Optics was one of 72-Massachusetts-based companies to receive a portion of the $8.2 million in Workforce Training Fund grants.  

Rachele Burkett, Human Resource Manager, Precision Optics, applied for the grant and reported, "The $136,000 we received will be used for training over the next two years with an approved vendor, High Performance Learning. They will be providing leadership training for managers, change management for all levels and productivity performance for manufacturing staff. Materion understands that investing in a top-notch workforce is necessary to compete and grow in a very competitive market. This is a great win for us."

"We are extremely excited on receiving this award from the state of Massachusetts. This training grant will provide our teams the tools to meet the demands our growth platforms and technologies", noted Robert Naranjo, President Precision Optics.

"The Workforce Training Fund is one of our most effective initiatives for supporting businesses in meeting the demands of a highly competitive regional and global economy," said Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Rachel Kaprielian. "We have seen many companies succeed thanks to retraining their workers and we look forward to more companies, especially smaller firms, growing and excelling by investing in the Massachusetts workforce."

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