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eServices: Materion's Self-Service CUSTOMER PORTAL

Accessing order information has never been easier.

With a user-friendly design and more product availability, get the supply you need - fast. Have a question about your order? Access your customer account 24/7 for immediate answers. Our convenient, simple-to-use online platform offers a single source for all your account information, right at your fingertips. From requesting a quote to tracking orders, downloading invoices, and viewing refine metal statements, access real-time account data with Materion.

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Access product and ordering information at select locations
Request quotes and track ordering information for the following products:
  • Chemicals
  • Large-Area Targets
  • Refining Services
  • Microelectronics Packaging
  • Thin Film Deposition Materials
  • Precision parts cleaning
To better serve our customers, our eSERVICES online portal is available for orders placed at five Electronic Materials locations:
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Alzenau, Germany
  • Brewster, New York
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Track Orders
Track your orders in just a few clicks.
Track Shipments
Access shipping information and tracking numbers.
Request a Quote
Need more products? Request a quote through your customer account.
View & Print Invoices
Access and print invoices in a simple click.
View Refine Orders
Have products in refine? View your order.
Statement of Account
Need the latest information? Download your statement of account.

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