Gold Sputtering Targets

HIGH-PURITY MATERIALS For Thin Film Applications

Materion's gold (Au) sputtering targets help resolve concerns for uniformity, reproducibility, purity, homogeneity, and other challenges for thin film applications, including:

  • Power Semiconductor
  • Communications
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)


Collaborating closely with customers and equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop the right solution for their application, our high-purity gold and customized gold alloy targets are made of conformant gold and are available in various designs for customer process technologies up to 300mm.

Materion's precious metals targets are developed to ensure consistent phase content, grain orientation and grain size. Our highly engineered targets help maintain process consistency through target life.

Our precious metals expertise and innovative technologies create products with a competitive advantage, including:

  • Vertically integrated supply chain
  • Customizable enhanced designs to extend target life or to thrift precious metal
  • Ability to refine grain size and orientation
  • R&D resources for co-development to identify and customize alloy compositions
  • Strong OEM relationships to optimize coating performance
  • Financial tools to manage precious metals spend
  • Full-cycle metal processing - target manufacturing, recovery, and shield cleaning


  • Broadest product portfolio in the industry
  • Specialized facilities optimally designed for the products we manufacture
  • Localized customer service and support centers to serve customers across the globe
  • In-house ISO-17025 certified laboratories provide customers with comprehensive analytical testing
  • Technical experts to assist customers in developing application-specific solutions
  • Full-service precious metals management
  • Conformant gold products (RMAP certification)


  • Power Semiconductor
  • Communications
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Learn how our gold sputtering targets can help solve your material challenges.
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