Alumenate Sputtering Targets


Materion has partnered with MIMSI Materials to commercialize Alumenate™, a high-performance silver alloy used in low-emissivity (low-e) coatings applied to modern commercial and residential windows.

Low-e coatings reduce energy loss through window glazing while maintaining transparency. They consist of several different layers of material, including a thin silver layer. Alumenate replaces this silver, providing the durability benefits of an alloy while also enhancing the coating’s optical and electrical properties.

The Materion-MIMSI collaboration combines MIMSI’s unique material innovation with Materion’s world-leading expertise in sputter target manufacturing. Together, the two companies lead the way to the next generation of low-e coatings.


In addition to the new Alumenate sputtering targets and our standard silver sputtering targets, we offer a one-stop resource for a wide range of support services for target owners to extend target life and increase cost-efficiency.

  • Backing Plates and Tubes available to select the design with physical properties that support your target
  • Sputtering Target Bonding service ensures a superior bond with your target
  • Shield Kits & Precision Parts Cleaning provides innovative cleaning techniques to salvage more precious metal
  • Reclaim & Refining techniques refine recovered metal from the production waste stream

Discuss the best approach for your large-area coating needs. Contact a Materion engineer to see how Alumenate sputtering targets are suitable for your thin film deposition requirements.


  • Being an alloy, Alumenate targets provide your coating with inherently better mechanical and chemical durability without compromising any other performance metric of the coating.*
  • Through the potential to improve energy and material-use efficiency in the manufacturing of coated glass products, increased durability throughout the product's life and improved energy performance when installed, Alumenate targets lift the bar for high-performance coated glass while lowering its material embodied carbon and operational carbon footprint.*
  • The Alumenate target is applied through DC magnetron sputtering in industry-standard coating lines (off-line coated glass/soft coated glass) as a drop-in solution.

*Exact performance figures dependent on the design/configuration of the coating stack.


  • Automotive Glass
  • Architectural Glass
Learn how our innovation in silver can be applied to sputtering targets in order to exceed your technical specifications.
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