Unveiling the Legacy: Newton's Evolution in Tantalum Materials

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Qi Zhang, Bob Dorvel, Thomas Baum


Few stories are as captivating as the evolution of our site in Newton, Massachusetts from a research-focused company to a powerhouse in tantalum innovation. With roots dating back to the 1950s, Newton's facility has been at the forefront of tantalum research and production, leaving a lasting mark on the electronics industry.

From pioneering freeze-dried coffee to groundbreaking advancements in tantalum powder production, Newton's legacy is one of continuous dedication to driving innovation. Over the past seven decades, Newton has played a pivotal role in driving progress in integrated circuits and semiconductor technology, ushering in an era of enhanced performance and miniaturization.

Central to Newton's success is its mastery of texture control in tantalum discs and sputtering targets. Through meticulous research and development, Newton has perfected the art of producing tantalum discs with uniform metallurgical properties, ensuring optimal sputtering performance for end-users, including logic and memory semiconductor chip manufacturers. The site’s commitment to texture control has enabled the production of tantalum sputtering targets with predictable sputtering performance throughout their lifespan, meeting the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry.

To learn more about Newton's transformation and discover how the site continues to drive innovation in the electronics industry, read the full article here.

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