Strips of copper clad metal

Download a Free Guide to Custom Clad Metal Solutions

Cladding provides a reliable and economical method for joining two or more metals, creating advanced materials that enable cutting-edge thermal management in smartphones, enhanced fuel efficiency in automobiles and many more solutions for today's technologies. 

To tackle your biggest challenges, our staff of product development engineers can use their cladding expertise to work directly with you on everything from conceptual sketch through the overseeing of mass production. We can help solve electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical or other physical performance challenges that can’t be achieved with a single material.  

Interested in learning more? Download the free guide now to see what’s possible with Materion clad metal.

When you download the guide, you’ll have access to cladding data, including:
  • Copper, high copper, beryllium copper, brass and bronze
  • Steels, aluminum, zinc, nickel and nickel alloys, refractory metals, low expansion alloys
  • Precious metal alloys
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Solders and brazing alloys
  • Alloy compatibility
  • Hardness values

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