Wrapped Bearings Made Of ToughMet Alloy Now Available




New product line from Bowman makes ToughMet alloy a cost-effective upgrade for wrapped bearing applications

Users of standard-sized wrapped bearings now have a cost-effective option for higher-performance bearings made of ToughMet® material, a unique copper-nickel-tin alloy made exclusively by Materion Performance Alloys. As a result of a new collaboration between Materion and Bowman International Ltd. (Bowman), a U.K. company, Bowman has launched a new product line, BowMet®, featuring standard size, thin-walled wrapped bearings that will outperform steel, bronze and other materials even in the most severe conditions.

Bearings made of ToughMet material carry heavier loads, last longer, require less maintenance and virtually eliminate downtime for unplanned repairs.

With its unique combination of strength; lubricity, and corrosion, high temperature and wear resistance under severe loading, the alloy has become one of Materion’s most successful materials across many demanding markets such as mining, oil and gas, commercial aerospace and auto racing.

Users who make the switch to ToughMet alloy have fewer warranty claims, longer maintenance cycles, improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Previously, thin-walled bearings made of ToughMet material had to be custom ordered and machined from solid bar or thick walled tube. In that process, up to 75 percent of the material could be wasted, making ToughMet alloy less cost-effective in applications traditionally served by wrapped bearings. 

Together, Bowman and Materion developed a method to wrap thin sheets of ToughMet alloy into BowMet bearings, minimizing scrap losses and reducing production costs. By virtually eliminating the waste, Bowman can pass on the cost savings to users, making ToughMet alloy a viable upgrade over traditional wrapped bearings and other types of bearing materials and systems.

BowMet heavy-duty bearings are ideally suited for use in heavy construction equipment, off road vehicles, quarrying equipment, heavy military vehicles, materials handling equipment, heavy duty production machinery, racing engines, steel mill rolls, injection molding machines, scissor lifts and marine applications, among many others.

Bowman stocks BowMet in a range of standard catalog sizes, providing added simplicity, especially for smaller quantity orders. Bowman makes plain, flanged and shell bearings and can add lubrication grooves, holes, location slots, tabs and lubrication pockets as well as plain bores. The company will produce thrust washers, wear strips, and customized parts to order. 

Bowman does not restrict quantities and can produce one-off specials or high-volume runs with no or minimal tooling costs. The company welcomes inquiries about customized bearings.

Bowman is a leading supplier to a wide range of industries, specializing in the development, supply and manufacture of plain bearings, ball bearings, sintered components, electrical motor brushes and carbon products. For more information, visit www.bowman.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1235 462500.



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