Materion is Leveraging Our Strengths In Beryllium



Leveraging Our Strengths In Beryllium

Medical scans use radioisotopes to diagnose many diseases. Our beryllium rods and reflectors are critical components in most of the test reactors that produce radioisotopes. A looming shortage of production capacity is increasing demand for our rods and reflectors.

Materion is the world's only mine-to-mill integrated beryllium producer, a distinct advantage in the ability to continually develop new products and applications. Our primary beryllium plant in Ohio and newly expanded beryllium hydroxide processing plant in Utah position us to respond to the expected decline in alternative beryllium sources worldwide over the coming years. As a pure metal – as well as downstream in alloy, metal matrix composite or beryllia ceramic form – beryllium has unique properties that make it a critical enabler of modern technologies in aerospace, defense, energy exploration, the production of radioisotopes used to diagnose and treat many diseases, and other applications. In many cases, no suitable material substitute exists.

Materion AlBeCast

New AlBeCast® Product Line

Following several casting technology breakthroughs, we completed a state-of-the-art investment casting capability for our aluminum beryllium products last year. (Investment casting is a versatile industrial process that allows the production of near net shape components with accuracy, repeatability and integrity.) The new AlBeCast® product line utilizes rapid prototyping and solidification modeling that enables short lead times and competitive pricing. Aluminum beryllium castings provide cost/benefit advantages for technically demanding customers in aerospace, defense and precision industrial equipment requiring a combination of ultra-lightweight, stiffness, mechanical stability and thermal properties. We are currently working with major defense contractors and other commercial customers on qualification as an AlBeCast supplier.

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