Materion Getter Combo-Lids Improve Performance



What is getter? Why is it important for the hermetic packaging industry? Getter is a speciality metal (reactive material) that gets activated either thermally or electrically to perform absorption of unwanted gases in hermetic or vacuum packaging. Because electronic packaging components can typically release moisture or water vapour, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen argon, carbon dioxide or methane, it is critical to remove such gases before they can negatively impact the packages. Materion’s leading-edge technology incorporates getter into its packaging to resolve the gassing issue for our customers.

The performance of electronic devices used for multiple applications in space programs, the automotive industry, thermal imaging and for sensors, is affected by unwanted gases generated during the hermetic or vacuum packaging process.  The electronic packaging industry is consistently challenged to develop high efficient die for MEMS, or MicroElectroMechnical Systems, that increase the life and performance of the hermetic or vacuum sealed packages and thus eliminate the effects of out-gassing. The use of getter may be the saving solution to this problem.

Materion has supplied our patented Getter Combo-Lids to the hermetic or vacuum sealed packaging industry and enabled our customers to successfully address the gassing issue. Our unique lids are generally made of Kovar metal that is fully plated with nickel, followed by gold. The middle unused areas of the lid provide an excellent location for getter deposition.


A typical electronic package being sealed with a Materion Combo-Lid Cover


Options for Incorporating Getter

If getter is not incorporated into the package, the performance of the electronic device is impacted and its life cycle reduced.  There are two options to address this: thin film deposition method; and getter tack welding or Getter Combo-Lids.

Option 1 – Thin film deposition method

In this approach, getter materials are deposited to the unused middle area of the lid. As the gold-tin preform melts to seal the package, the getter also activates thermally and performs its task of absorbing the gases. This option requires Materion-manufactured Getter Combo-Lids to be masked and the deposit getter is created by thin film deposition.

A electronic package being sealed with Option 1 - Materion Getter Combo-Lid

Option 2 – Getter tack welding technology for Getter Combo-Lid

Both options require the specialty alloy or metal (getter) to be readily available for activation to absorb the gases. This second option calls for tack welding of getter material directly onto Materion’s Combo-Lid. In order to understand the tack welding strength, we performed various tests to verify.  It was found that the weld was able to lift and hold 718 grams for the duration of a week.

 Getter Technology

The above illustrates Option 2 - Materion’s lids tack welded with getter sheet.

Summary The problem of out gassing in hermetic or vacuum packaging can negatively affect the performance of microelectronic devices over time. The use of getter, as in Materion’s patented Getter Combo-Lids, is the smarter solution for efficient, durable and cost-effective results. If you have questions about our Combo-Lids, please contact our technical expert Ramesh K. at 

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