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Achieving Mechanically Durable Coatings
Engineering thin-film coatings to withstand abrasive and impact forces involves complex physics and chemistry problem solving. Hardness, internal and external bond strengths, and surface abrasive wear resistance, are physical properties determined by materials and deposition processes.
Applications of Filters to Biochemical and Pathological Detection | CMN August 2020 Vol 30 Issue 3
In the August 2020 issue of CMN, Sam Pellicori and David Sanchez author a technical paper about the application of filters for medical research and diagnostics.
Battery Materials and Challenges of Today
Materion R&D pushing boundaries in energy storage with new battery materials.
Challenges to Hyperspectral Applications
Materion takes a look at thin film materials & enhanced processes for sophisticated applications.
Choosing Appropriate Backing Plates
Often overlooked factors. Consider Materion's backing plate offerings.
Coating Materials and Processes for the Long-Wave Thermal Band
Learn why longer wavelengths require different materials that exhibit low absorption.
Coating Materials and Technology for Long Range IR Coatings
This Materion technical paper discusses new developments in infrared materials and the growing numbe of applications for IR coatings.
Coating Principles_Dielectric Material for Your Application
Materion employs multiple technologies to improve coating materials and processes.
Coating Processes Evolve
Materion technical paper discusses the evolution of coating processes and satisfying special optical requirements.
Coatings for Short Pulse Duration Laser Optics | CMN May 2022 Vol 32 Issue 1
In the May 2022 issue of CMN, Sam Pellicori and David Sanchez explore the heightened challenges of materials and deposition technology by reviewing the changing damage mechanisms that occur at increasing repetition rates, at even the most mature central wavelengths.
Coatings for Space Applications May 2020 Vol 30 Issue 2
Materion Electronic Materials discusses the functional applications of materials and coatings that are essential surface treatments for spacecraft and instruments to provide long service lives in the harsh thermal and pervasive radiation encountered in space environments.
Coatings Used In Space
Requirements and solutions for the space environment. Materion provides critical optical coatings.
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