Materion Drives Innovation

Materials Success Stories

Advancing Clean Energy

Partnering with customers to advance next-generation clean energy solutions

Materion Drives Innovation

Materials Success Stories

A View Like No Other

NASA’s Europa Clipper will begin its journey to Jupiter’s icy moon in October 2024 to determine whether Europa could support life

Materion Drives Innovation

Materials Success Stories

Helping Connect the World

Keeping a “smarter” world connected

Pushing Boundaries

Our experts are continuously innovating through analysis, R&D, and design to push the boundaries of what’s possible.  Through our deep understanding of our customers’ challenges and passion for problem-solving, we design groundbreaking solutions to keep our customers ahead in high-growth global markets.

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With more than 3,500 employees in 30 locations worldwide, Materion has a team of highly-skilled people with curious, technical minds that reimagine the future each day. We believe that nothing is impossible.
Careers at Materion

Leading the Discussion

Through decades of innovation, Materion has developed the expertise and credibility to illuminate market trends and the path forward to a better future. The “In Our Element” video series captures Materion products and solutions in a new light.

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Insight and Innovation

A History of Insight and Innovation

Before its transformation into a global leader in advanced materials solutions, Materion's founders were known for unlocking the untapped potential of beryllium in 1921.

The Materion Legacy
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